What a Difference Three Years Can Make

TCF Admin

September 17, 2018

Triumph Commercial Finance launched three years ago. In that time we have seen incredible growth and expansion, but have stayed true to our mission of helping small to mid-sized businesses experience development through alternative financing options. By working hard to provide exceptional service to our clients, attract new business and build a national commercial finance footprint, we have achieved a great deal. And because of our team’s dedication and the support of leadership, we will continue to expand our reach and help more companies grow their business with the right financing options for them.

Some of the milestones that Triumph Commercial Finance has achieved over the past three years include:

  • Developed options for small to mid-size companies to receive alternative financing including: asset based lending, commercial factoring and equipment finance
  • Built a nationwide team with over 200 years of combined experience that continues to exceed client needs
  • Developed into a market alternative, providing strategic solutions to hundreds of clients
  • Filled a void in a space that others choose not to enter

“We are very proud of the work we have accomplished so far,” Dan Karas, chief lending officer at Triumph, said. “Since the time we started three years ago, we have been committed to helping those small to mid-sized businesses that may have been overlooked by other financial institutions acquire financing to support their growth. We have assembled an outstanding team of experts and I am confident in our ability to treat each situation uniquely and look at each company’s entire financial picture to make sure they are receiving the best financing option to succeed both short and long-term.”

In addition to Karas, Triumph Commercial Finance is led by Dirk Copple, executive vice president of equipment finance, and Jim Allin, executive vice president of asset based lending. These three have more than 75 years of combined experience in commercial finance and have the experience to look at each unique opportunity and provide the best service for that client.

Triumph Commercial Finance is a member of the Triumph Bancorp, Inc. group (NASDAQ: TBK). We are committed to offering alternatives, including asset based lending, accounts receivable financing (factoring), and equipment finance. These solutions allow us to help small to mid-sized companies, who are often ignored by traditional financial institutions, address the financial realities they are facing today. Challenging economic times need not slow your growth and plans for restructuring or transitioning. If your company has receivables, inventory, machinery, equipment or other unencumbered assets, Triumph’s creative solutions can offer a new perspective.

Let Triumph Commercial Finance become your financial partner. We’re focused on you so you can focus on your potential. Learn more by visiting our website.